Good morning, dear teachers and students! It’s a great honor for me to inform you that our sixth English Festival, the stage to show our English, share our passion, shine ourselves, is approaching.

    We have learned English for many years, but it seems that most of us just regarded it as a burden of our study instead of a bridge that connects us with the outside world.   

    Well, there’s no denying that the main function of a language is for communication. As one of the most widely used languages in the world, English can be a tool when you go traveling abroad, further your study overseas or work in a joint venture. It also plays an important role in both reading the original books and learning international hot issues. That is to say, good English enables you to communicate with people all over the world without barriers and helps you armed with a keen international vision. Since the globalization sweeps across the world, English can be a golden key to a more brilliant life.

    Moreover, English has broadened our horizons and cultivated our thinking modes, boosted our concentration and brain flexibility. During the conversations with native speakers, you can also have an unrestrained access to another culture, which may influence your thinking patterns or even your values in an imperceptible fashion. Most importantly, it offers you an opportunity to share our Chinese culture with those foreigners we connect with. It is a matter of pride to be able to spread our own culture across the globe.

    This week we will have the sixth English Festival, comprising the Three-lines poem appreciation created by our own students, speech contest in which the winner of the speech will be invited, the dubbing competition, and Spelling Bee, the most anticipating one. Hope all of you here may not spare your English talent. Take an active part and enjoy your time with English Festival.